SpecOps Group partners with select manufacturers’ representatives and value-added resellers to provide complete end-to-end solutions to customers around the world.

SpecOps’s success is in direct relation to the commitment, expertise and knowledge that our leadership team brings to its work.



FINDER is the heartbeat detection radar system designed to find individuals and signs of life under rubble - used in disaster and emergency response.

M5 Flashcam is the World's First Tactical Flashlight featuring a Video Camera System and Night Vision Technology with Audio Recording all-in-one Convenient Unit!

​​​Our world is still a wonderful place, but a dangerous one. In almost every corner of the globe militants of some political persuasion are plotting terror attacks -- and these attacks can happen in London, New York, and Istanbul not just in Somalia, Nigeria, Peshawar or Baghdad.
As the headlines attest, the world is still a giant prize fight with our enemies scrambling to defeat us in every turn and creating chaos in every corner.
SpecOps has developed systems to create new ways of perceiving the world and knowing what's going on. The technology is keeping soldiers safe, defeating terrorists and making police and first responders more effective and bringing unprecedented safety to its adopters.​